THOR'S DAY (Highway 81 North, Staunton, Virginia) by Sam Shepard
Published in Zoetrope - Fall 2009 - A short story from his book, "Day out of Days"
The story was not available online but the first few lines were given


What was that all about last time, anyway?

What last time?

In the Cracker Barrel. Denton. When you broke down for no apparent reason.

I canít remember.

You donít remember suddenly bursting into tears after you ordered those blueberry pancakes? You donít remember that?

Noó No, I do remember but I canít remember why.

Totally embarrassing. Everyone staring. The whole place went silent.

I remember. I remember now.


Anonymous reader's thoughts on the story:

"Thorís DayĒ has no narrator. In fact, itís all dialogue. There are always two voices. It seems they are the same two voices, all the way up to the end, when a waitress addresses one of those voices. At that point (because the waiter says ďsirĒ), we figure out that at least one of the voices is a man. The voices are probably lovers (ďWe always sat side by side in Roswell so we could hold hands and touch each otherís thighsĒ). One of the voices is depressed (breaking into tears at the sight of blueberry pancakes, say); the other voice is exasperated by those outbursts. The exasperated voice storms out at the end, to wait in the car; the other voice begs him or her to stay, and even draws blood while trying to clutch that personís wrist. Thatís when the waitress comes in. She says she took a while because of the far-away corner where the person was sitting. The man tries to order blueberry pancakes.