The play consists of a monologue by a man who is about to be executed. He sits in an electric chair, blindfolded, his hands and torso tied to the chair and the cap pulled onto his head. What follows is a ten-minute train of thought where he compares trucks and horses.

Performance History

First production: American Place Theatre in New York on April 15, 1975, in a double bill with "Action". Directed by Nancy Meckler and starring Richard Gere.

From a March 2010 Canadian production:


John Simon, New York Magazine (May 5, 1975):
"Killer's Head" is the spoken thoughts of a young Californian in the electric chair just before the juice is turned on. But, there never was an electric chair in California, and Shepard's play is no gas. The whole ten-minute bit (heavily padded with silences) is a bright idea that should have been put out of its misery before it put us into ours…. Action, is a deliberate misnomer: an hour-long inaction about four people doing weird but insignificant things at table … while talking or not talking with equal uncommunicativeness. It is all flagrant but mindless borrowing from Beckett, with a sprinkling of Pinter; but in Beckett, the seeming meaninglessness conveys essential significance, not empty derivativeness.