YEAR: 1991

ROLE:  Detective Beutel

DIRECTOR:  Martin Campbell

PREMIERE:  August 23, 1991

Plot Summary

Lawyer Thelma "T.K." Knudsen Katwuller is having a love affair with her client, Steven Seldes, accused of making under-age porn movies through Blue Screen Production. When T.K. meets her old college friend Ellie Seldes, she discovers that she is Steven's wife. T.K. decides to break-up with Steven and he asks her to meet him in his office. While waiting for Steven, T.K. finds that he owns the Blue Screen Production and has lied to her. The next morning, Ellie is arrested and accused of murdering her husband and hires T.K. to defend her. Detective Beutel feels that something is awry.

Film Details

Barbara Hershey - Thelma 'T.K.' Knudsen Katwuller
Mary Beth Hurt - Ellie Seldes
J.T. Walsh - Steven Seldes
Jay O. Sanders - Bull Dozer
John Kapelos - Jack Hammer
Sheree North - Mrs. Bodeck

Written by James Cresson
Cinematography by Phil Meheux
Music by Curt Sobel
104 minutes

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