YEAR: 2012

ROLE:  ??

DIRECTOR:  Andrew Dominic

US THEATRICAL RELEASE: September 21, 2012

Plot Summary

The story tracks Jackie Coganís career in a gangland version of law and order. For Cogan (Pitt) is an enforcer; and when the Mobís rules get broken, he gets hired to ply his trade Ė murder. Cogan is called in when a high-stake card game under the protection of the Mob is heisted. Expertly, with a ruthless businessmanís efficiency, a shrewd sense of other peopleís weaknesses, and a style as cold as his stare, Cogan moves with reliable precision to restore the status quo as ill-conceived capers and double-dealing shenanigans erupt into high-voltage violence. Ray Liotta (looking like an older Henry Hill) plays the mobster who runs the poker game. Richard Jenkins plays a lawyer and James Gandolfini  plays a washed-up, alcoholic, hard-up-for-cash hit man who was brought on by Jackie to do the first job he's done in a long time but proves to be more of a liability.

Film Details
Brad PITT.................................Jackie Cogan
Ray LIOTTA.......
James GANDOLFINI.......

Written by...................Andrew Dominic based on the novel by George V. Higgins
Distributed by.............The Weisman Company


Production Notes:

Film production began in early March 2011 in New Orleans and wrapped in May. Dede Gardner and Brad Pitt himself produced the picture through Plan B Entertainment, in partnership with Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz of Chokstone Pictures. This is the second time that director Andrew Dominik, Brad Pitt and Sam have teamed up together.

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